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Dell Laptop Sales

Dell Laptop Sales

dell laptop sales


Dell is a famous American International computer Technology Corporation based in Texas and U.S, which fosters, sells, mends and props computer and concerned products and services. Dell is one of the major technological company in the world. After HP and Lenovo, it is the third largest PC sellers. Dell offers its services and solutions to its customers directly by itself or through other preferred partners and marketing channels. The company percolates in four fragments:

  • Large Enterprise

  • Public/Small 

  • Medium/Business 

  • Consumers

Over the years from 1997 to 2004, Dell laptops were considered to be the most steadfast, customer efficient and reliable laptops in the world. Company achieved #1 customer after sale service and support. During this period company were ranked #1 and sustained that position for 7-8 years in a row.
After HP and Lenvone, Dell enjoyed a successful period and attained market share from competitors during 1997 to 2004. Dell sustained the number one position in PC reliability and customer service, corresponding to customer reports, during the late 90’s through 2001. Dell elevates fastest in the early 2000’s.
The overall sale of Dell in terms of money is elaborated in this table;

  • During 2008 company has seen a total sale of 61.13 Billion U.S. $.

  • During 2009 company has seen a total sale of 61.1 Billion U.S. $ which was 0.05% less than the total sales of the last year.

  • During 2010 company has seen a big downfall and the total sale recorded were 52.98 Billion U.S. $ which was the total decrease of -13.42%.

  • During 2011, Dell Corporation revamped their technology. They introduced new laptop designs; new marketing strategies were developed and adopted. All the things were combined together and fruitful results were derived and total sales recorder were 61.6 Billion U.S. $ which was the total increase of 16.44%.

  • During 2012, company’s management continued their good work and renewed ideology and the total sales recorded were 62.6 Billion U.S. $ +1.07 %

 We can see through this table that Dell sales get affected in 2009 and 2010 years. It’s because Dell Laptops became same in their competences outsourcing and inventories. The design and outlook of the laptops were monotonous in shape, size and design. Over the years, the company has provoked with some very serious problems,

·         Deficiency in sales.

·         Misinterpreting the needs of its customers.

·         Bad customer services.

·         Imprudent accounting.

Dell has also been hurt by the requirement and acceptance of Apple’s iPhone and iPad and other mobile manufacturing companies mainly Samsung. Apple and Samsung’s tablet and computing devices were accepted in the market and have largely dented the sale of laptops and notebooks.
Only in the last 4 years, company has acquired the rights of 19 companies and a huge amount of 5 billion dollars were spent only during 2012 so that new cutting edge technology can be introduced in Dell laptops, notebooks and net books.
The company has been planning to expand selling PC’s, especially in the enterprise market.

I also come across to buy a laptop few months ago. Being in a developed country I searched few laptops over internet and made a comparison of different laptops of different companies regarding their features, size, shape and price. After making a decision I visited the shop in the market and after a detailed discussion with the shopkeeper I bought a laptop with proper guarantee and warranty that was fulfilling my requirements and also not very expensive.

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